Sutton Hoo?! Hoo is that?!

Written by a Year 5 Pupil.

This is the replica helmet from Sutton Hoo. My Grandma told me that the actual helmet was accidently found in an excavation in the mid 1980’s. It is very heavy and it would protect leaders at war. We have been learning about Sutton Hoo and the Anglo Saxons.

The TOON Takeover written by a Year 5 pupil

I am a huge Newcastle fan that makes me a geordie, geordie is a accent. You can tell I am a Newcastle fan because in my room I have Newcastle wallpaper, signs and even Newcastle bed sheets.

I had a season ticket last year which gave me and my dad a seat 💺 all the way up at the very top next to the wall. We went to a pub named Pacific House before the game to get a drink of Coke.

Did you know the toon just had a major takeover by a Saudi Arabian man named Mohammed bin Sallmon a prince to his country ? We can buy footballers like Mbappe and the main england player Kane or even the likes of Isco ,Arron Ramsdale and Arron Ramsey and many more decorated player’s like Phil Foden.  

We used to be a team that came 2nd in the premier league and a team that got very far in the Champion’s League. 

We are a team that is sponsored by Fun88 and if you look at the picture in the top left 👈 with Callum Willson and Alain Saint-Maximin and the girl 👧 I really want a Newcastle football strip if you look in the top 🔝right 👉hand 🖐 corner you can see the newcastle football badge we have had that badge since 1988, so 34 year’s.

Did you know the toon has not been in a final for nearly over 100 year but we can turn that around with the new take over being a cost of 300 million pound to buy a football ⚽ club to give us 248 billion pound . We have just signed the ex-Bournemouth manager …you guessed it Eddie Howe .the next football match is against Brentford a team that is 14th against a team that is 19th and in a religation zone then we have Arsenal or the gunners against Newcastle or the geordie.

Did you know this the worst start to a premier league season for Newcastle united ? we had the chance to buy Uniy Emry as our manager but he said no because of a relagation notice on his contact that means he will get sacked/contract terminated so he said villa real is his home and the spanish team is in the champions leaugue is where makes him ☺ happy and he will never leave no matter the cost .

Our club was founded in 1892 and our stadium is called St James Park our rivals are the macums Sunderland.

Did you know Alan Shearer has scored the most goals for the club breaking many world 🌏 wide record’s

have you ever wondered who is in front of St James Park 🏞 Well, I am here to answer that questions it is Sir Bobby Robson, Alan Shearer and Jackie Millburn.

We have 52,405 seats in St James’s park and the stadium of light 🚦 has 49,000 seats that means we have 3,405 more seats and if you put them together the amont of seats will be 101,405 seats. The two colours of our football ⚽ strip is black 🖤 and white and Sunderlands is red and white stripes. My line up would be Dubravaka at GK, Schar & Fernandez at CB, Manquillo at RB and Lewis at LB, Hayden & Shelvey at CDM, Fraser at LW, Almiron at CAM and Alain Saint Maximin at RW and at ST Callum Wilson. Then what it can look like when we spend lots of money. Navas at GK, LB  Willems, at RB walker, at CB Sule &Maguire ,CM McGinn & pogba at CM with them Joe Willock& at LW Allan Saint Maximin & at RW Gareth Bale and then the main person at ST Gerard Morelo. .MY favourite old player has to bd at LB e shearer my favourite nowadays is Lewandowski and my favourite Newcastle-upon-Tyne player is Alain-Saint -Maximin my favourite team except Newcastle is Bayen Munich .We have won 0 ,drew 5 and lost 6 matches

Some good news at last…!

After the announcement last night we are happy to be welcoming our classmates back to school in two weeks! We are super excited, so excited that we took some selfies to show you how much we miss our classmates. We can’t wait to see you all and begin our journey to normality!