Anglo-Saxon ICT

As part of our Anglo-Saxon topic, we used our own handmade shields and spears, along with the green screen app, to place ourselves in an Anglo-Saxon village!

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Remembrance Day Art

This week we took time to learn about, remember and honour those who sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. Then, we all completed a line drawing of hands holding a poppy.IMG_2731

Anglo-Saxon Stew

Today we prepared and cooked ‘Pottage’, which is an Anglo-Saxon dish. We made sure we followed health and safety rules by washing our hands and the vegetables before cooking. We also ensured we checked our hands were safe before cutting.

Some quotes from the class:

Kass, “I thought it was really fun making it and you have to be very very careful when cutting the vegetables.”

Sophie, “I thought it was really fun and I hope it tastes good!”

Layla-May, “I enjoyed it and I would like to do it again!”