Art Attack!

Today we began our topic about drawing, we made it really fun by trying to draw things in the classroom under different conditions. We had to draw one by looking only at the object not the paper, one where you couldn’t take your pencil off the paper, one drawn with your non-predominant hand and finally one drawn using a viewfinder and only drawing a certain section of your object.

Lindisfarne Gospels

Today we went on first Year5 school trip. We visited lots of different venues in town to learn about the Vikings and the Lindisfarne Gospels. In the Great North Museum, we looked at the different animals that lived on Lindisfarne and how the illustrators of the gospels weaved them into the page designs. We also visited the Laing Art Gallery where we actually got to look at the pages of the Gospels. Amazing!

We are going on a Bug Hunt

Today in science we have been looking at life cycles and the different stages of them for amphibians, birds, mammals and insects. We went out onto the school grounds to see what types of living things we could see and at what stage they were at.

We saw plenty insects, birds and even some mammals. Unfortunately we did not see any amphibians but that may have something to do with the closest water source being the dene. It is a bit far away!