Some good news at last…!

After the announcement last night we are happy to be welcoming our classmates back to school in two weeks! We are super excited, so excited that we took some selfies to show you how much we miss our classmates. We can’t wait to see you all and begin our journey to normality!

Do you wanna build a snowman?

Today we channeled our inner Elsa and took part in a snowman competition at school. We built our own Olaf, Miss Gallagher even brought us a carrot from home! Here is our finished product and even though we didn’t win we had a lot of fun in the snow. Well done to Year 4 who won!

An Egg-cellent Eggs-periment

Today we tested the effects the surface area of a parachute has on the speed of a falling object. Our parachuter’s were made out of eggs and we discovered that the larger the surface area the safer landing that the egg had. So if it was a real experiment we would want a parachute with the largest surface area as the forces out way each other to create a safe landing.

Super Duper Problem Solving.

Today we worked as a whole class to solve a puzzle about our four operations. We all worked together on whiteboards and discussed as a class how we could solve it. Lots of us had many different ideas, so we also learnt how to listen and take on feedback from other people. We solved the problem and it felt great! We really worked hard today.

Impressive Space Projects

At the start of this topic I told the children they had a piece of optional homework and this was to create something linked to space. This was anything they liked. Safe to say they have blown my socks off yet again. Here are some of the Space Projects we have has in so far.